Wanting a PSSI revolution to happen in Batu City, Ganis Rampoko steps up to become chairman of Ascot

Malang Post – PSSI (All Indonesia Football Association) wants to bring about a revolution in Batu City’s bureaucracy, PO/PS in Batu City, Ganisa Pratibai encourages Rumpoko, to advance in the election ceremony for Chairman of PSSI City Association (Ascot) Batu City.

Gannis, his nickname, if confirmed, confirmed the wishes of the majority of existing clubs.

“We continue to negotiate. Accommodation
their input. One of them is to run the competition consistently. Starting with a clear schedule, it’s not sudden,” he explained yesterday.
This includes, among other things, reviving age group competitions to attract new players to football.

On the other hand, according to Ganis, his party will also establish mutual cooperation with the government. Restoring the core function of PSSI Batu City. As the main organization of football in Batu City, which is disciplined and focused on developing the talent of young players. As well as creating a sound management foundation for clubs and educational institutions.

“Football in Batu City to achieve the most at national, regional and international levels. Making football a people’s pastime, which is also capable of revitalizing the micro-economy
for small communities,” he explained.

In addition, Ganis will also conduct a special mission during the election to manage PSSI in Batu City.

Among other things, improving the quality and consistency of competition management. Being healthier and more focused as a way to find seeds. “Career development and achievement for football players. From childhood to seniors, provided by revitalizing the management of PSSI Askot Batu City,” he explained.

Ganis will assist the government in procuring resources and facilities. which can support football activities in general.
These include private and public institutions/organizations/organizations, which organize non-professional football competitions as a means of scouting for the talent of young players.

“The main thing is to develop a close collaboration with the media to monitor, monitor and broadcast football successes in Batu City,” Gannis promised.

The woman who was born on August 16, 1990 in Malang, was also not without reasons to step up in the election. His experience qualifies him to take on the leadership role of ASkot PSSI Batu City.

Apart from serving as Commissioner of PT Pupuk Bawang Kota Batur in 2017 – 2018, he was a match staff for Liverpool Football Club, UK. Then in 2012 – 2013, he pursued the field of journalism at Indonesian Media Daily. The previous one was in 2009-2011, in Journalis Radar Jogja. Higher Education Education, Gajahmada University Yogyakarta, and University of Liverpool, Liverpool UK.

While working in the organization, as Deputy Treasurer of LPNU (Nahdatul Ulama Economic Institution) East Java, Deputy Chairman of DPC Division of PDI-P in Batu City.

Ganis also became the chairman of the Indonesian Video Game Association of Malang City, then the communication section of PERBASI (Indonesian Basketball Association) East Java, as well as being on the advisory board of Perbasi Batu City. (Ra Indrata)

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