Viral video rape of grade 4 primary school boy seconds after receiving death threats while riding a bike – Recently, a viral CCTV footage recorded a man raping a 4th standard primary school (SD) girl after riding her bicycle (12/09/22).

In a video shared by Twitter account @flavchoco, CCTV footage shows a man on a white automatic motorcycle appearing to be watching a girl riding a bicycle.

In the incident shared by the account owner, the man was chasing the boy from the paper factory to a place that was an easy target for the man.

Unexpectedly, the man immediately does his dastardly act and strangles the poor boy, threatening to kill him if Peku resists.

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Not only that, while walking home, the victim’s co-worker also witnessed the boy being followed by the perpetrator, prompting the boy to quickly inform his parents that the perpetrator had misbehaved with him.

Unfortunately, the perpetrator realized that he had been reported by the victim and then fled on his motorbike.

“The boy was followed even back home. That is why the child said to his mother, ‘Mother is one.’

It is reported that she suffered genital bleeding due to the incident.

“This afternoon, the bottom update is still bleeding from the (genitals),” said another victim.

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So far the culprit is still on the run from the authorities as the exact identity of the culprit is not known, but the netizens who upvoted the tweet seemed to condemn the actions of the criminals who were considered very heinous.

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