Understanding Coaches and Their Responsibilities in Football: Okejon Bola

definition The coach and his duties in football will be explained here. Coaches are as mandatory as players in football.

A coach is a person who specializes in a particular sport whose job it is to prepare athletes physically and mentally. In the game of football, there is always a coach on the side of the field who always supervises and guides the players to play well.

Antonio Conte, Tottenham Hotspur coach

A sports coach has the responsibility to determine what type of training his athletes should receive. Of course, in a football match, the coach is the person who is responsible for deciding the strategy and tactics, choosing the formation of the players and don’t forget to motivate the players at all times.

Also, the soccer coach is the person responsible for planning, organizing, and delivering various soccer activities and programs suitable for individuals and teams.

The first job and role of a coach in football is to compile the training schedule for each team which is advised by him. Furthermore, the coach must guide and guide the players to improve their physical strength, stamina, muscles etc.

Then, coaches are also obliged to teach tactics and strategies. Be sure to monitor and supervise trained athletes to improve their performance.

Erik ten Haag, Manchester United coach

After the competition, the coach is obliged to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes. Between games, the coach can provide input, suggesting healthy living off the field.

The trainer is responsible for developing training programs and performing administrative tasks.

If a player is injured, the coach should provide input and advice on treatment and healthy living. Then to help promote the group and develop the sport.

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