Two months before Banten Province 2022, the venue and equipment for the athletes are not yet complete

TRIBUNTANGERANG.COM, TANGERANG — Banten 2022 Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) which will be held in November, has been officially postponed for 9 days.

The suspension of the 6th sports competition event in Banten province also received mixed reactions from many teams, including the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi) Tangerong City.

Perbasi Tangerang City Chief, Andri S Parmana said the Tangerong City Government should maximize the postponement of the kick-off schedule for the Banten Province 2022 kick-off.

The reason is that two months before the start of the 2022 Banten Province Porprov, the construction of several places has not been completed.

In addition, the procurement of equipment and training support equipment for athletes participating in the competition must also be completed by the Tangerang City Youth and Sports Office.

“With the addition of 9 days, the place to be contested in the 2022 Banten Provincial Government should be quickly resolved by the Tangerang City Government as the host,” said Andri S Parmana in an interview with on Friday (16/9/2022).

“Furthermore, equipment and supporting equipment for the training of athletes must be completed quickly in the diaspora, as this has not been realized so far,” he added.

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Andri admitted that the availability of basketballs used by the athletes did not come from the Tangerong City Diaspora.

In fact, the replacement of the venue where the basketball hoop will be used during the 2022 Banten Province Porprov will also be managed by Tangerong City Perbasi.

“The venue where the basketball match will be held in Banten Province 2022 is Dimiyati GOR, but the court floor has not been renovated, although it is an important factor that will determine the course of the match,” he said.

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