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SOLOPOS.COM – Samin (left) and wife Sri Kadarwati (right) show the new money for the 2022 issue year after exchanging money damaged by termites at the Bank Indonesia representative office, Solo, Central Java on Thursday (15/9). Bank Indonesia Solo replaces damaged money eaten by termites belonging to Samin after being identified as meeting the exchange requirements for damaged money 2022 issue of new 20,220,000 Rp. – a third of their original size. Photos/Mohammed Ayudha/Arwa., SOLO — A review about the source of income of elementary school guards that went viral because their money was eaten by termites and football news in Indonesia became the most popular news on on Friday (16/9/2022).

The termite eating incident in Solo has gone viral on various social media platforms over the past few days. Many netizens were surprised and amazed at how much the school guard’s salary was every month so that they could save around 100 million in 2.5 years.

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“2.5 years, Rp. 100 million….maybe it can be done by selling/humiliating, husband’s income is really lucrative, 2 people’s opinion. 1 person for full life etc, 1 more person for daily savings 50/100 depending on what they can get… good work sir. Hello, I need to learn to manage my finances properly, I need to save 100,000 IDR per day,” wrote account user mariiariio in the comment column for the Instagram account @koransolopos upload.

Salary of a guard at Sdn Logiwetan in Cleon Market, Samin who is a contract employee, is Rs 2,050,000 per month. However, Samin and his wife Sri Kadarvati have a side business, namely a school canteen and a food stall.

Samin’s monthly salary is not more than UMK Solo. But apart from the monthly salary, Samin often earns tiresome money from the teachers for making paan every day.

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He also gets money if there is a meeting or teacher meeting or between the school and the student’s parent.

“Until now, my position is as a contract employee. I have been working as a school custodian since 1996. My salary is 2,050,000 IDR per month,” he said, speaking to on Wednesday (14/9/2022).

Apart from their monthly salary, Samin and his wife earn a lot from their side business.

Samin’s wife Shri Kadarvati manages the school canteen daily. Almost all students eat snacks in the school canteen every day. Outside of school, the couple has another business, a food stall.

“Yes, you don’t have to, sometimes Rs 200,000, sometimes Rs 100,000. Finally collected that much. I have been saving for a long time, about 2.5 years. Anyway, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit,” Samin said.

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Samin is known as a person who likes to save and is simple. Most of the salary received every month is kept in the piggy bank. Wages other than salary are kept in piggy banks. Similarly, income from stall business is also kept in a piggy bank.

Samin earns from school canteen business to meet his daily needs. “We open the school canteen at 06.00 WIB. Take care if there are students who do not have breakfast at home. The results of the canteen are for daily meals,” he said.

Thanks to his simplicity and hard work, Samin was able to finance his elder son’s education up to university level. Currently, Samin’s first child Muhammadiyah is completing her thesis at the University of Surakarta (UMS).

Both children attend high school. “My second child is practicing field work [PKL] Kalimantan Maybe two months or three months,” he said.

In addition to a review about primary school guards’ sources of income that went viral as savings were eaten by termites, other reviews about an alleged corruption suspect at BUM Desa Berjo, a young Madiun ice seller, were allegedly arrested by a Bjorka. Hacker, Persis Solo, PT Sritex Export, IG Vault Anonymous Account Lost, Bali United Praise Manhan Stadium in Solo, Until Persebaya Surabaya Fans Are Furious as They Lose to RANS Nusantara FC Become Top Trending News on .

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Here are’s top 10 stories for Friday (16/9/2022):

Can save IDR 100 million in 2.5 years, is a source of income for elementary school supervisors

Already in doubt, this is the course of events in the alleged corruption case of BUMDes Berjo

BI exchanges money and eats termites for broken money, SD guards in Solo bring home Rs 20 million

Madiun, the young man accused of being a Bjorka hacker, has become an ice seller

Persis Solo, League 1 Team Killer 2022/2023

Regarding his future in the senior team, coach Rasimon Manut owns Persis Solo

Exports of PT Shritex Sukoharjo reached 600 containers per month, the highest in Sweden.

Volt Anonymous’ IG account disappeared after Cirebon residents falsely accused it of hacking

Appreciate Manhan Stadium solo, here’s what Bali United fans have to say

Persebaya Surabaya fans are angry after losing against Rans Nusantara FC

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