The Singkawang City Government issues rules for cycling in offices

singapore – Singkawang City Regional Secretary, Sumastro said: Bike to work Or cycling to work within regional secretariats is done regularly. “Bike to work At the Singkawang City Regional Secretariat, it is regularly done every Tuesday,” the regional secretary said, Wednesday (14/9).

He said that out of about 90 ASNs and non-ASNs in the regional secretariat, only 30 ASNs and non-ASNs use bicycles for work. Out of about 90 ASNs, only 30 ASNs participated in the Secretariat Bike to work,” she said.

Sumastro said his team will standardize the SOPs or rules for this bike work program. Among them, cars and 2-wheeler official vehicles are not used as much as possible so that the program is truly related to efforts to conserve fuel and reduce air pollution due to exhaust gases from motor vehicles. “In future, we will develop SOPs or rules for the bike to work programme. One of them is that cars and government vehicles are not used every Tuesday as far as possible,” he said.

According to him, this program will be effective in saving fuel and reducing air pollution. “If every Tuesday we are able to realize a ‘fuel fast’ for a portion of official vehicles in Singkawang City, then there will definitely be real fuel savings in 1 working day a week,” he added.

He said that in this bike-to-work activity, his team provides a coupon with a prize that will be drawn every month. “in the program” Bike to work Here, we prepare coupons with rewards every month. Hopefully next week there will be more people who follow bikes to work,” he said.

Cycling to work between ASNs and non-ASNs has been done since last week. Then, the secretary said, next week, Bike to work Held every Tuesday at the Regional Secretariat. “checkpoint 06.30-07.30 WIB in front of the entrance to the Singkawang Mayor’s Office (Pos Satpol PP),” he said, last week.

According to him, before cycling to work, every ASN and Non ASN must ensure their physical condition is good and the distance from home to work (mayor office) is maximum 10 km. “Ensure that the ASN/Non ASN is physically and mentally fit and the distance from home to work is maximum 10 km,” he said. (rate)

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