Target Basketball 2 Gold Medals, Pencak Silat Target 10

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 | 10:44 WIB

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Merauke, InfoPublik – To participate in the Papua Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) in November, Merauke Regency Kony is currently holding a meeting with 15 sports in Merau.

These sports represent the training carried out so far and the goals achieved when KONI is chosen to participate in the Papua Province Porprov in November.

Mike Christian Walinaulik, S.STP, M.SI, Daily Chair of the All Indonesian Basketball Association of Merauke Regency, revealed that basketball athletes are currently being trained to participate in Porprov for 3×3 and 5×5 basketball.

Mike Christian explained that going into Porprov, his team is aiming for 2 gold medals, 5×5 for the men and 3×3 for the women.

5×5 for women, explained Mike Chistian Ndiken, his team did not include it. 3×3 equals for men.

“Tomorrow for September 15 and 16, we will also have a match in Gore for the men’s 5×5 and women’s 3×3 selections,” said Mike Christian Walinaulik, who currently serves as the head of the Regency Youth and Sports Office in Merau. .

Separately, IPSI Regency Deputy Chairperson of Merau Regency Boy Sujud Horianto disclosed that his team has registered 19 athletes where all the athletes have enough experience and his team had high hopes that 19 athletes will be ready to become athletes for Pre-Pon and XXI can PON in 2024 and PON XXII in 2028.

“From these 19 athletes, we later developed a schedule for regular training at GOR Hiad Say Merauke. Because our goal is the best. Because in the previous porprov we won and this year we can maximize it,” he explained.

According to him, among the 19 athletes registered there are athletes with national achievements, but there are also athletes with provincial and district achievements.

Yesterday, we did a preliminary selection from the Regent Cup and there were quite a few athletes who had potential and we registered them to participate in PorProv.

With our guidance, coaches who have license and experience with 2 times PON champions, so hopefully with coordination and willing to seriously practice what we aim for from 19 they can produce maximum medals.

If we, the administrators, target everyone to get a gold medal and it becomes a motivation. “So we are targeting 19 and if we look in the mirror with flying hours, at least we can get more than 10 gold medals later,” he concluded. (McMrk/02/Ngr/toeb)

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