Tangerong City Basketball Athlete Rachmaninah Names 3 Toughest Opponents in Banten Province 2022

TRIBUNTANGERANG.COM, TANGERANG — Banten 2022 Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) is less than two months away.

All athletes in every sport (sport) are increasingly increasing the intensity and quality of their training ahead of the 2022 Banten Province Porprov.

including the Tangerong City basketball team.

3 vs 3 Tangerong City among the number 3 basketball athletes, Rachamadina Devita Sari said the Tangerong City basketball team is currently preparing for many things ahead of the Porprov event.

From maintaining and improving one’s own abilities, making adjustments, finalizing the match material presented by the coach.

“Two months before Banten Province 2022, our preparation must increase, physical quality will improve but health must be maintained until the materials are finalized from the coach,” said Rachamadina Devita Sari in an interview with TribunTangerang.com on Friday (16/9). said /2022).

“So it’s important to pay attention to eating patterns, sleeping patterns, rest to exercise, so as to maintain health,” he added.

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Apart from improving the physical quality of athletes, instilling a winning mentality in the team is one of the preparations that cannot be missed.

This is definitely an important factor that must be owned by the athletes and also the teams facing a match.

Especially in the 2022 Banten Province Porprov event, the Tangerong City basketball team will later face other teams from other regions/cities across Banten Province.

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