Synchronize Festival 2022 places cyclists


This year’s Synchronize Festival is becoming more eco-friendly. In fact, the Synchronize Festival is currently providing space for cyclists.

Festival Director David Carto explained that potential visitors who wish to bring bicycles to the Synchronize Festival 2022 venue are permitted. In fact it became a suggestion from the organizers.

In addition to using bicycles, organizers advise potential visitors to take public transportation.

In this regard, the Synchronize Festival has created a safe lane for cyclists who will attend the prestigious music event.

There is also a road captain who will help cyclists get to Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, where the Synchronize Festival is being held.

“We will prepare a check point, this year we plan to go to Panglima Polim,” said David in Menteng area of ​​Central Jakarta on Wednesday (14/9/2022).

“Later, there will be a road captain and a sweeper to help escort. Road captains and sweepers are used to being on the road. They know etiquette and safety,” David continued.

Nevertheless, potential visitors who are used to cycling and know the road conditions at Expo Kemayoran in Gambia are allowed to go without the guidance of the road captain.

“But usually all the cyclists on Kemayoran already have flying time, right,” continued David.


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