Sulbar police football team won the ‘Kapolda Salsel Cup’ rotating trophy

Makassar,— On the birthday (HUT) structure of the Police Mobile Brigade Corps 77thSatbrimob Polda Sulsel South Sulawesi Regional Police Cup Football Tournament, held at SPN Batua Football Field, Jl Urip Sumoharjo.

The match, which took place from August 28 to Friday September 16, saw 25 teams or clubs compete on the green grass. Namely, South Sulawesi Police Detrescrimsus Team, Public Relations Department, South Sulawesi Brimbo as friendly hosts, Batua SPN and Makassar Police.

Then, 1 team from Wayangkara Hospital Team, Harbor Police, Goa Police, Takalar Police, Geneponto, Bulkumba Police, Maros Police, Baru Police, Pinrang Police, Luu Police, North Luu, Palopo Police and West Sulawesi Police.

Sulse Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Nana Sudjana said the final match within the framework of the South Sulawesi Regional Police Cup 2022 football tournament was held today Friday (16/9/22). This is a series of anniversaries of the Police Mobile Brigade Corps 77th which will be implemented 22 October the future

“From several competing clubs, West Sulawesi Regional Police won the final against South Sulawesi Police Mobile Brigade Forces Mobile Brigade. 25 clubs participated in the tournament, 24 from the rank of South Sulawesi Regional Police and 1 club from West Sulawesi Regional Police,” Kapolda said.

In the future, the regional police chief said, every year in the context of the anniversary of Brimbo, the planned implementation of the football tournament will be carried out. Including among other birthday structures.

“Then we both followed that this implementation was also an exhibition match between South Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Officers (PJU) against South Sulawesi PWI. The consideration was won by South Sulawesi Regional Police PJU with a final score of 4-2,” said Nana. .

Nana also said that the South Sulawesi Regional Police themselves already have a representative football field and are national class. In future, it will also establish a football club named Pallawa 88 United.

“The club will be a source of pride for the people of South Sulawesi,” said the former Metro Jaya police chief after a football game against PWI Sulsel at the SPN Batua football ground on Friday (16/9/22) afternoon. (J)

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