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16 September 2022

Simandiri River is getting more complicated

Sand mining on the Simandiri River is a common sight for residents of Sihurang Village, Sidadap Village, Sukabumi, West Java. The mining site extends from Citaric to Cidadap. Even illegal sand mining has started infiltrating upstream areas, such as Karingin Village, Sukarme Village and Sukamahi Village, Gegarbitung District.

The sand downstream of Simandiri is the silt upstream of the river flow. Since 1995, the sedimentation has been increased by various similar mining activities. In addition to sand mining, gold mining using the Dulang mining method – spraying water on the ground and sifting to separate the soil from the gold sand – contributes to the criticality of the Simandiri river, the water clouding the river and silting up the river.

Forestry in Simandiri watershed is damaged due to illegal sand mining. According to data from the Sitaram-Siliung Watershed and Protected Forest Management Center (BPDASLH), forest cover in the Simandiri watershed is only 12 percent of the total watershed area of ​​181,450.62 hectares.

This field certainly violates the carrying capacity and capacity of the environment. Before the amendment of the Job Creation Act, the Forest Act required a minimum of 30 percent forest cover for watersheds. If it is less than that, then a water body can be classified as complex which affects the surrounding environment.

What can you do, restoring the Simandiri watershed is not a priority for the government. In fact, rivers support an ecosystem, including humans. What happens if the water supply is weak? We cover it in this week’s issue. Happy reading.

Dodi Hidayat
Chief Editor


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Simandiri is the least forested
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Damage to rivers due to mining
The critical Simandiri watershed is due to illegal mining activities that have been going on for decades. Starting downstream and midstream, then pushing upstream.

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