Riding a leisurely bicycle, the Banjarmasin police chief is distributing basic food

Suar Indonesia – Copolresta Banjarmasin Combes Pol. At Sabana. Martosumito, Friday (16/9/2022) leisurely cycling around the town of Banjarmasin.

Interestingly, there was joint activity with police personnel through the distribution of food packages and boxed rice.

Aid in the form of basic food packages and boxed rice was distributed among the rickshaw pullers and petty traders accompanying the group in the Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque area.

“We conduct the routine Blessing Friday program for Bangermasin Police Precision Police to help people in need,” explained Sabana.

According to the police chief, what his team is doing is actually a reward-seeking field.

“I really emphasize the tagline “Alms, Work, Work and Work” to all the workers. The purpose of all this is worship.

Because this world is only temporary and the reward is the arrangement for us in the hereafter

Meanwhile, by bicycle, he said, his team can instantly patrol and visit communities to ask questions about safety and security situations.

In particular, the food packages, Sabana said, are part of Banjarmasin police’s efforts to help people affected by fuel price changes.

“According to the money of the precision police, we are here to help and we meet immediately and hand over 100 support packages so that they are on the right target,” explained the Banjarmasin police chief.

Be sure to remind the public to maintain the utility of the city so that it is safe and peaceful to support community economic activity. (YI)

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