Released by Fahmy, three Tsukabumi City soccer teams participate in the national tournament – Sukabumi Mayor Ahmad Fahmy revealed the Bumi Wangi soccer team, Garuda team and Bintang Tunas team that will participate in the national level Children’s Football Golden Generation (GEAS) tournament on Friday (16/9/2022) at City Hall.

Present at the release ceremony were Sukabumi City Regional Secretary Dida Sembada, Dandim 0607 Lt. Col. Inf Dedi Arianto, Head of Bumi Wangi Football School (SSB) Dindin Solahuddin. Three teams will compete at Silodong Depot.


The Sukabumi City Government has given full support to the SSB team going to the national level. It is hoped that the opportunities that the three SSB teams have got can be maximized so that they can achieve maximum success. “I hope this opportunity will inspire me to perform better. We are sure that good preparation will yield good results,” said Fahmi.

Fahmi asked each team to prepare well before the competition. “Happy competition, remember sports teach us to play sports, match sports,” he said.

SSB chief Bumi Wangi Dindin Solahuddin hopes his team will be able to give their best at the national event. “The national event has 150 teams divided into two age groups,” he said.

So that there are 75 SSB teams in an age group. Dindin said that in the previous event he made it to the last sixteen and this time he is expected to make it to the top 8 and even make it to the semi-finals and become the champion.


Source: Website KDP Setda Tsukabumi City


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