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SOLOPOS.COM – Malaysia Open 2021 officially postponed. (Getty Images/Scott Barber), SOLO — Collaboration between sports and industry is needed to revive the sports industry in the country. Yopi Rosimin, Program Director of Bakti Sports at Jaram Foundation, advocates the need for a symbiotic relationship between sports and industry.

Yoppi said till now Zarum Foundation has been training badminton athletes at the national level. However, in this case Zarum Foundation did not benefit from this activity.

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“We are not building as an industry player. But we don’t mean against the industry. In fact, we truly hope that coaching and art go hand in hand. What the professor said. Agus is right, there needs to be a symbiosis of reciprocity, we need each other,” he said on Thursday (15/9/2022) at a virtual event organized by Solopos Media Group (SMG).

According to him, there is also a supportive ecosystem of athlete development run by Jaram Foundation. One component of the ecosystem is the sponsor.

“If we don’t include sponsors, it’s like cooking without salt. We have such a policy. So if we enter any sports industry welcome In fact, we have a principle that in order not to hurt them, we must be able to go hand in hand so that everyone is satisfied, the spectators, the athletes, the sponsors and the government should both. welcome” explained Yopi.

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Yoppi said one of the goals of the coaching was to stimulate sports development across Indonesia. Because by maintaining the spirit and development of sports it will also encourage the development of other sectors.

“It will benefit everyone. Athletes will be more enthusiastic at practice, their coaches will be more enthusiastic, their parents will be more motivated. Industry or sponsors are also excited [produk] who use Shoes are worn, rackets are worn, shirts are worn, everything will work. If the sponsor is passionate, then both clubs, athletes, sponsoring the championship will be more diligent and this is what is called a positive cycle,” he explained.

On the other hand, West Bandit Combifer Solo owner James Winson said his team is proud of the current development of sports in Indonesia, especially basketball. “I am proud that the Indonesian Basketball League has now become a growing industry. The eyes of many entrepreneurs who want to contribute to basketball. So basketball is an industry that is growing,” he said. Moreover, according to him, Indonesian basketball has a name at the Asian level as well.

Professor of Sport Development Policy Analysis at FKOR UNS, Agus Cristiano called Indonesia’s sports industry a sleeping giant. “I also state that my opinion is what has been published Solopos In 2011, with the title of The Sleeping Giant of the Sports Industry,” he said.

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Sports, an industry that is increasingly promising, Professor of Policy Analysis of Sports Development at FKOR UNS, Agus Cristiano; Program Director of Djarum Foundation Bakti Sports, Yoppi Rosimin and owner of West Bandits Combiphar Solo, James Winson, Business and Content Director of Solopos Media Group, Suwarmin, broadcast Thursday (15/9/2022) on Youtube Espos Live ) ( screenshot)

According to him, the sports industry has immense potential for growth. But you have to try to wake it up. “It seems like it was 12 years ago and is still relevant to today’s situation, although things have changed. At the beginning of 2020-2021, when the epidemic began to come under control, Presidential Decree No. 86/2021 regarding the Grand Design of National Sports was published,” he explained.

According to him, Indonesia has entered this era. The aim of which is the cultivation of sports. The second goal is to increase productivity and achieve world-class sports. The third is to improve the performance of the sports-based economy.

“The unique three main goals DBON [Desain Besar Olahraga Nasional] It all depends on how the sports industry can contribute. The question, of course, is how?” she continued.

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From some of the research he has done, there are distinct issues related to accelerating the sports industry. The problem has to do with the mindset of society in general. According to him, in general, people still think that sports is a social sphere. Although the sports industry is a business realm. So that two things are considered not easy to combine. There is a kind of stigma in the society seeing the direction of the sports industry in that way. Where the latter will lead the sports industry to a situation of commercialization of sports.

“Those who have mentalities are afraid of it [olahraga ranah sosial dan industri ranah bisnis] And there is already a stigma that social and business are two different things,” he explains.

But according to him, several countries have developed sports industry. including Japan and Korea. “They made out. It’s just that maybe not immediately obvious. Because again, in relation to the impact of fear on the commercialization of resistance sports, that’s a separate issue,” he continued.

He considered that several countries had succeeded in doing this because the mentality had gradually straightened out. It is only when the management of the sports industry is good, combined with the core goals of the sport, that it becomes a kind of mutually beneficial symbiosis between sport and industry.

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