Ozal fares have gone up, here are 4 tips to save on transport costs to control costs

Parapuan.co – Increased transport costs including motorcycle taxis on the line (ojol), you need to apply frugal tips to keep expenses under control.

As Kawan Puan knows, the Ministry of Transport (KmenHub) has officially set motorcycle taxi fare increases every Sunday (11/9/2022).

The adjustment was made on the basis of increase in fuel price (BBM), driver insurance and minimum service order Four kilometers.

“According to the agreement with the applicant, it will be effective from 11 September 00.00 WIB,” said Adita Iravati, spokeswoman for the transport ministry. Kompas.com, Quoted on Monday (12/9/2022).

Amid rising prices of basic necessities and transportation costs, Kawan Puan can try conservation tips so you can still save money at the same time.

Quoted from Jago.comThere are four motorcycle taxi options on the line You can apply to save on transportation costs.

1. Walking or cycling

Comrades who work closer to home may consider walking or cycling to work.

These are precautionary tips that can be done so that you don’t have to spend money on fuel for vehicles like cars or motorbikes.

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