Once polluted, Citarum River handling is claimed to recover faster than in other developed countries

human mind – Assistant Deputy of Watershed Management and Water Resources Conservation Kemenko Marves M. Saleh Nugrahadi assessed that the handling of the Citaram River is faster than in other developed countries.

The reason is that it takes 30 years for a river in a country like Japan to be completely de-polluted.

Saleh said this on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at the Jamboree Penyahelix (Jumpe) in the middle segment of the Citaram River in Muhara Village, Haurwangi Village/District, Cianjur Regency.

“I got an assignment to study in Japan in 2001-2004 and often cycled through the rivers in Japan. The rivers are clean and there can be fish,” he said.

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According to him, around 1980, the government there started the river rehabilitation along with technological improvements.

Government attracts stakeholders who are roughly equivalent to pentahelix elements with its law enforcement and regulation.

“Through this project, they have succeeded in cleaning the river there within 30 years, while Citarum, which is entering its fourth year, is already mildly polluted,” he said.

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