New FIBA ​​Rules for ASEAN Men’s Basketball Players: Only for Professional Clubs!

BANDUNGRAYA.ID- The International Basketball Federation or FIBA ​​will issue new rules for ASEAN men’s basketball participants.

This rule applies to the implementation of the Southeast Asian Men’s Basketball League which can only be pursued by the best clubs in each country’s national professional league.

The new FIBA ​​regulations were delivered directly by Indonesian Basketball Association Secretary General (Perbasi) Nirmala Dewi.

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Nirmala said this after attending a coordination meeting between FIBA ​​Asia and Southeast Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday, September 2, 2022.

In previous editions, only interested clubs participated in the men’s basketball championship among Southeast Asian clubs even though the team was not the best in the domestic competition.

Quoted from from Antara, the new rule is intended for club competitions in ASEAN that only professional clubs can follow.

Where the club has participated in the domestic competition of each country.

But it can also be the best team that is directly recruited by the federation after completing a season of competition.

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