Netizens were suddenly startled by netizens wearing this dress, Umi Pipik immediately gave this interesting answer: If it sticks long …

GridHype.ID – The name Umi Pipik has never been out of the spotlight.

Even everything related to Umi Pipik was widely discussed.

For example, below is about Umi Pipik’s clothing style.

Launched from GridHits.ID, apparently it’s not just about her personal life that’s currently being hijacked, but Umi Pipik’s clothing style is also highlighted.

Umi Pipik is known to often appear in black and closed clothing.

Moreover, she is still covered by the big name of her husband Ustadz Jeffrey.

The widow status attached to her also makes Umi Pipik cautious in acting.

But who would have thought that recently Umi Pipik was teased by netizens because of her appearance.

As revealed by via GridHits.ID, Umi Pipik had time to show off his cycling activities.

Umi doesn’t hesitate to share portraits when it’s cool to exercise.

Different from the clothing she usually wears, Umi Pipic is seen wearing tight pants.

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It also comes with a brightly colored exterior.

Although she wore tight pants, Umi Pipik covered it with a long skirt.

It is known that at that time Umi Pipik was enjoying cycling with his friends.

Although she covers all parts of her body while cycling, Umi Pipik still faces criticism from netizens.

Who would have thought that the curves of Umi Pipik’s body, precisely the calves, were still clearly visible.

Umi Pipik has been accused of not wearing long clothes while exercising.

“MashaAllah…Afwan Ummi just wanted to let you know that her calf’s genital curves are still visible.

“That dress is not long,” netizens said

“Loose fabric pants are good for the inside,” he adds.

Not immediately angry, Umi Pipik deserves a comforting answer.

Because according to Umi Pipic what he used was judged according to the activities he was doing.

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Umi Pipik concluded that wearing loose clothing has the potential to harm oneself while cycling.

“Adjustment, I say.

“His name is also a bicycle, as long as the turns are not seen in days,” defends Umi Pipik.

“Because if it stays on the chain for too long, it’s dangerous to itself.

“It’s called bringing your own harm and injustice,” Umi Pipik replied on Instagram.

Upload of Umi PPK

Upload of Umi PPK

Despite receiving alarming reactions from netizens due to the visible curves of her calves, some did not even appreciate Umi Pipik’s appearance.

Umi Pipik admits that she never eats her husband’s inheritance

Launched from After Uze died, Umi Pipik had to struggle to support her children alone.

It’s been nine years since her late husband passed away, but Umi Pipik still feels at home as a widow after the death of her beloved husband.

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Abidja’s mother prefers to raise her children alone.

Umi Pipik struggles alone to collect the rupee coffers.

Earning a fortune, Umi Pipik is now firmly established as a publicist, while the children of Ustaz Jeffrey Al Bouchori are starting their careers in the entertainment world.

This is done as a way to survive the death of his soul mate.

Apart from being known as the late Uz’s wife, Umi Pipik is also known as a preacher.

Not only as a preacher, it is known that Umi Pipik also has several business ventures which become his money field.

From business to being a preacher, Umi Pipik does everything to support her child.

Not only that, Umi Pipik’s family is also looking for rupiah coffee for their livelihood.

Both Abidjar and Adiba contributed to the family economy.

In a recent interview, Abidjar also admitted that he had to drop out of school and choose work.

Decisions are made without reason.

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The 21-year-old wants to help his mother, Umi Pipik, earn a living.

Also, he is lazy in studies.

“So the 2nd graders are too lazy to go to school, too lazy to do anything. Because you can see the condition of Umi. So it’s better if you don’t have to go to school anymore, enter the entertainment again, make a living,” he said.

“Maybe because the child is really lazy. He doesn’t want to go (to school),” he continued.

Even when asked to take the high school exam package to get a diploma, Abidjar Al Giffari refused.

The hard work done by Umi Pipik and his children suddenly raises the question, what about Uz’s legacy?

Umi Pipik gave a wonderful speech about her late husband’s legacy.

She revealed that she did not take a penny from her late husband’s estate.

A mother of four children only distributes the inheritance to her children.

“I distributed the inheritance, I distributed the rights, and I didn’t take a penny, only for the children,” Pipik said on Saturday (15/4/2017).

Umi Pipik, as he was nicknamed, did not share his legacy carelessly.

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Pipik admits that there were witnesses who understood the heirs so that everything would be fair.

Uj’s big motorbike is also up for auction.

He revealed that everything was discussed with the children.

At first, Pipik was afraid that the motorbike would be auctioned off and become an idol because it is sacred.

“Why didn’t I give permission in the first place, if the auction was like that,” said Umi Pipik.

He reminded his sons and daughters that everything that man has is the gift of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

“I always teach children that we live in this world only have faith. People want what they want, it’s wealth, not ours, everything belongs to God”.

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