MTs Negeri 2 Banjarnegara women’s basketball team wins straight in LYON’S SKY CAF match

Banjarnegar – Middle School/MT students from across Banjarnegara Regency competed in Lyon’s Sky Cafe which was held at Banjarnegara Regency’s basketball court. In this tournament, Madrasa Tasanawiyah Negeri (MTsN) 2 Banjarnegara participated by sending a women’s team, this team is ready to compete to make MTs Negeri 2 Banjarnegara proud. The basketball team sent by the madrasa, nicknamed “BB Metrobara”, also aimed to win.

Earlier in the match, he completed his opening match win against MTs Negeri 1 Banjarnegara. On the second day, the team proudly MTs Negeri 2 Banjarnegara. On the second day, they both won the fourth round at SMP Negeri 1 Bawang 00:22. This is definitely proof that MTs Negeri 2 Banjarnegara women’s basketball team should be considered as candidates to win other tournaments.

“Alhamdulillah, the women’s basketball team won the first match on the first and second day of the LYON’S SKY CAFÉ tournament. This is an important win for the next match. Hopefully, the Metrobara women’s basketball team will be able to win,” said Noor Farida as the student representative.

MTs Negeri 2 Banjarnegara’s basketball coach Retno Suwarsiki is proud of his team’s cohesion and hard work. The results achieved by the women’s team have also been positively received by the players of this team consisting of class VIII and class IX. They expressed their satisfaction and pride to join Madrasa’s pride basketball team. They are also determined to bring home the champions in this and other tournaments.

“Alhamdulillah, today we can win. Hopefully we can win in other tournaments, thank you for the support of the teachers, especially those who came to visit the Banjarnegara district basketball court,” concluded MTS Negeri 2 Banjarnegara basketball coach Retno Suarcicki, when contacted by telephone alone. NBA Training Sideline.(en)

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