MTC Fun Bike held today, here are 5 health benefits of cycling

Times Indonesia, Malang – Malang Tahes Club (MTC) organized an MTC Fun Bike activity on Saturday (10/9/2022). This riding activity was conducted for the general public and was attended by 1,200 participants. The activity began at the City Hall as the starting line and continued at 06.15 WIB for the departure of the participants.

The route taken is Jl. Kahuripan – JL. Basuki Rahmat – Jl. Merdeka Utara, Jl. Merdeka Taimur, JL. SW Pranto, Jl. Big Market, Jl. Gatto Subroto, JL. Untung North Surapati, Jl. Keshtrian, JL. Major General M. Wiono, JL. Ranugraty, J.L. Saojajar, J.L. Ray Sauzajar, Jl. Kapi Woro, Jl. Industry, Jl. Lakda Adi Sucipto, Jl. Lt. Gen. S. Parman, J.L. Lt. General Sutoyo, J.L. Jakgung Suprapto, JL. Slamet Riadi, JL. Buring, Jl. Bromo, JL. Cowie, JL. Besar Ijen, Jl. Bandung will end at Malang Town Square (Matos) JL. experienced

Participant-MTC-Fun-Bike-2.jpgMTC Fun Bike participants pass through Jl. The big one. This ride starts from City Hall to Malang Town Square. (Photo: Fadia Nanda/Times Indonesia).

Ganif Trioko as the chairman of MTC explained that the purpose of this activity is to invite people to exercise to become healthier and more fit.

“This ride is good for a rally. It is done in the morning, so that it can move the whole body and joints, so that the body recovers,” he said.

Cycling is indeed a favorite alternative sport that is in demand by people of both children, teenagers and adults. Regular cycling is very beneficial for both physical and mental health.

To learn more, here are 5 health benefits of cycling.

1. Control your weight

The advantage of cycling is that it can control body weight to keep it ideal. Regular cycling can burn calories and increase the body’s metabolism. Therefore, it is suitable for exercise through a diet program.

2. Maintain heart health

Cycling as a cardio exercise can stimulate and improve heart, lung and circulatory health and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The benefits of cycling can also help strengthen the heart muscle and lower blood fat levels.

3. Avoid diabetes

Infrequent exercise is one of the risk factors for diabetes. Diabetes that is not well controlled can lead to serious complications such as eye damage, stroke, kidney and heart problems. Regular cycling can help reduce the risk and maintain diabetes status.

4. Taking care of body joints

Dr. Safran-Norton of Harvard Health Publishing recommends cycling for people with age-related joint pain and stiffness. Regular cycling can also train balance and body coordination.

5. Improve mental health disorders

Regular cycling can help the body produce more of the dopamine hormone. This hormone works to increase feelings of happiness so it can relieve stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

These are five health benefits of cycling. Let’s do active cycling to keep your body healthy and fit. You can cycle alone with the community or participate in events like this MTC Fun Bike.


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