Jember Regent continues to promote the habit of cycling – Jember Regency Government

JEMBER, Regent of Jember Ir. H. Hendy Siswanto, ST, IPU., Head of TP PKK Zember Draw. Hj. Kasih Fazarini, Deputy Chairman of Jemba DPRD, Ahmed Halim along with some other officials cycled 7.5 km.

This is a move initiated by the Regent of Jemba Hendi Siswanto to get used to cycling to work. This is done to teach people to live a healthier, more efficient, more environmentally friendly lifestyle and reduce fuel consumption.

This cycling activity is part of a series to enliven the National Transport Day or Harhubnas 2022.

“Cycling will reduce emissions and make the sky bluer,” said Regent Hendy Siswanto.

Apart from cycling, Harhubnas was also energized by planting trees and distributing social assistance in Dekranas.

“Let’s practice cycling in our daily life, at least once a week, the benefits are many,” he said.

According to Regent Hendi Siswanto, the most important benefit of cycling is that it improves heart health.

Note that the biggest cause of human death is heart disease.

“Therefore, we must force our hearts to pump, including by cycling,” he said. (IPF)

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