Jember Regency Government is making efforts to conserve energy through the ‘Jember Sky Blue Movement through Cycling’

SURYA.CO.ID, JEMBER – The Jember Regency Government launched the ‘Wise Wahe Jember Blue Sky with Cycling’ program, Friday (16/9/2022).

As the name suggests, the program is a cycling campaign.

This program is a realization of the 10 steps to address inflation control in Jemba Regency which was recently announced by Jemba Regent, Hendi Siswanto.

“One of them is energy saving. To save energy, we all ride bicycles. I have given a circular letter to the government of ASN Zemba Regency to go by bicycle or public transport every Tuesday. Now, we are starting the blue sky movement by cycling, using bicycles. Campaign for activity, maintaining a healthy life by exercising,” says Hendy.

Energy-saving movement to control inflation marked by cycling movement besides switching off all electrical appliances during office hours has been completed.

“Don’t wait for it to be a cleaning service, when office hours are over, or you’re not using it anymore, turn it off yourself. All electrical equipment,” he said.

The Wis Wayhe Langit Biru movement started by cycling over Jalan Sudarman, Jember Regency Government.

1,500 people were cycling together at the launch.

They include the ASN of the Jember Regency Government, as well as cross-agency employees and the cyclist community in Jember.

Thousands of people left Zember Square, followed JL Ahmed Yani – Trunozoyo – Gazah Mada – returned to Zember Square Gazah Mada – Sultan Agung – returned.

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