Indonesian football achievements have become more real, says PSSI thanks to Menpora Amali

Friday, September 16, 2022 – 21:35 WIB

PSSI General Chair Moshamad Iriawan. Photo: Public Relations Kemenpora

jpnn.comGorontalo – Menpora Zainuddin Amali continues to give full support and attention to the development and progress of Indonesian football.

PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan and Gorontalo Asprov Chairman Lahmudin Hambali expressed gratitude for all the support.

Iriawan said this while delivering the opening speech and report of the C License Football Coach Training at Damhill Hotel Hall in Gorontalo City on Thursday night (15/9).

Coordination and support for every PSSI activity is a tangible manifestation of the role of Menpora Amali, so that the achievements of Indonesian football become increasingly real.

“Thank you, Mr. Menpora, for your support, now the achievements are more tangible, like some time ago I became the AFF Under-16 champion,” said the man popularly known as Iwan Bulle.

“It has become one of my visions and missions that PSSI must coordinate with the government along with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, so that they can move forward together for progress and to increase the world ranking,” he added.

For Gorontalo, PSSI Asprov Lahmudin Hambali said the training program and attendance at Menpora and PSSI positions was history.

With this history, it is hoped that it will stimulate the enthusiasm of all those involved in the development of football in Gorontalo.

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