How to practice basic basketball dribbles for beginners

Check out how to dribble in the following basketball game.

Indonesian national basketball team. [Dok. Istimewa/Perbasi] – Dribbling is a fundamental skill that is important for players to train and master in the game of basketball.

Dribbling is required while playing basketball. The dribbling technique itself is a fundamental technique in basketball.

Unlike soccer, dribbling in basketball does not use your feet. Dribbling in basketball is the act of bouncing the ball across the floor of the court, then controlling the ball in a rhythmic manner with the feet and hands.

The objective of the dribble technique is for players to break through the opponent’s defense and launch an attack. The dribble can also be the beginning of other basketball techniques.

Dribble goal in basketball game

Dribbling is one of the basic techniques of basketball. Every player must master this technique to be able to play the ball well on the field.

Following are the objectives of dribbling in basketball game.

Moving the ball from one point of the field to another

Attacking the opponent’s playing area

To find an opening so you can shoot or shoot to the basket

Open the game and find the right position so you can pass a teammate

Getting out of the opponent’s pressure

Spending time while in a higher position

Basketball dribble practice

To be able to dribble well and accurately, there are several things you pay attention to. Here’s how to do basic basketball techniques for dribbling:

1. Keep your head up and focus on the game

The basketball is not a small ball, so to reach over the ball and hold it steady, you need to spread your fingers wide.

2. Extend your arms and move your wrists to bounce the ball to the ground

3. When dribbling, use your fingers, not your palms, to control the ball.

Whether you want to dribble fast or slow, hold the ball steady and run left or right, using your fingertips to control the ball.

4. Do not bounce the ball too high while dribbling

This movement is the main part of a dribble movement. Hand force concentration needs to be considered when bouncing the ball on the field.

5. Use your arms and body to shield the ball from defenders.

To do this, two things need to be done, namely:

Raise the other hand not being used for dribbling as protection so that the opponent cannot easily reach the ball.

Place the ball on the opposite side of the opponent with a slight bend or turn, so that the ball is secured against the back.

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