Hasanuddin regional military commander with South Sulawesi police chief casually cycling around Makassar city

Pedomanrakyat, Makassar – Pangdam XIV/ Hasanuddin Major General TNI Totok Imam Santoso, SIP, SSOS, MTR(HAN) South Sulawesi Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Nana Sujana, MM and Chief Officer (PJU) of Kodam XIV/Hasanuddin and the South Sulawesi Regional Police take a leisurely bicycle ride around Makassar City on Tuesday (13/09/2022).

At the beginning of the operation, checking the pulse and performing stretching exercises led by the physical officer followed by an explanation of the route to be traversed.

This leisurely cycle covers a distance of 30 km along the route: Star at Rujab Pangdam, then heading to Jln. General Sudirman – JLN. H. Bau – Jln. Metro TJ. Bunga – Ktr Security Tj. Bunga opposite direction – Jln. Metro TJ. Bunga – Jln. Entertainer – Jln. Ujung Pandang – Jln. Nusantara – Jln. Student Union – Jln. Sulawesi – Jln. General Ahmad Yani – JLN. Generals Sudirman and Rujab ended in Pangdam.

The Commander of the Regional Military Command said that this recreational cycling or riding activity is a sport that is refreshing to maintain physical fitness and physical condition and can improve the quality of health and also improve the means of communication to strengthen friendship and coordination. .

After the activity, cyclists stretch, followed by a friendly activity. (*Rz)

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