Fun! Now there is no need to get tired cycling around Sanur Beach

Denpasar, – Apart from sunbathing on the beach, now another favorite activity that can be found in the Sanur Beach area is cycling. The scenery around the beautiful beach will catch the eye of every visitor.

However, with the passage of time, the generally hired dipper cycles have now been converted into electric cycles. Yes! Now tourists don’t have to tire of cycling in and around the beach area of ​​Sanur.

One of the pioneers of electric bicycles, 36-year-old Med Suartama came up with this new idea five months ago. He started it 17 years ago, initially only renting out canoes and sunbeds, now it has grown. The idea started because he already had a lot of rental bikes around his stall and he didn’t want to be a competitor.

“Many of my neighbors rented bicycles, so in order not to compete with them, I thought that with an electric bicycle, I could start this business,” said Med Suratma when met at Karang Sanur Beach on Friday (16/9/). 2022) in the afternoon..

When pioneering in April, Med Swartma had only two units of bicycles. But after it went viral on social media, the number of visitors willing to use his service increased.

“It’s great that people who use the electric bike rental service here like the promotions on their social media. So there are more fans and now I have nine electric bikes. One bike can be used for four hours with a distance of 32 km,” said Mooring. person known as

Currently cycling in Sanur area is often done by foreign or domestic tourists and even local tourists. According to Mooring, those who use electric bicycle rental services tend to be more crowded on holidays and will be a bit sloppy on weekdays.

“On weekdays, because local tourists have now started working and also go to school, there will be more revenue from tourists from Australia or Europe. If the average holiday from local tourists is there are also foreign tourists,” said Mooring.

The ‘Happy Bar’ he started is located on Sanur’s Karang Beach, right behind Villa Pantai Karang. About the rental price, Mooring said it is not expensive, charging only Rs 35,000/hour from local tourists and Rs 50,000/hour from foreign tourists. These fares will also increase depending on the length of the visitor’s fare.

It is also sufficient to provide an ID card/driving license to local tourists as a guarantee to rent an electric bicycle to avoid unwanted things. Like foreign tourists, they simply mention the location where they stay.

As for how to use it, it’s not that difficult. Just like using a normal automatic motorbike, visitors can easily use this electric bike. Road facilities along the beach are quite comfortable and safe for cycling activities.

“Along the Sanur beach, there are already special footpaths for cyclists, so it’s safer than going on the highway, I’m afraid of that too. So we request the visitors to go through the beach route only,” Mooring said.

The route also depends on the consumer’s desire, they can cycle to Sindhu Beach in the North or Mertasari Beach in the South and then return to the starting point.

One of the local residents, Elvira Tasya, 21, from Nusa Dua admitted that it was an activity with a good idea while doing a bicycle activity at Karang Sanur Beach area.

“Knowing this electric bicycle from social media, so it’s okay to walk around the beach but not tired of cycling. It’s good to be refreshed with friends,” said Elvira.

Agreeing with this, the friend who rode with her, Angelina Jessica, 21, admitted that it was her first experience using an electric bicycle and that she would return to try the same thing again.

“It’s really fun, I want to try here again later with my family. The rental price is also not that expensive, it’s pocket-friendly for students,” Angelina concluded. *Reese

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