Fuel increase, let’s choose a healthy driving solution!

tribunenews.com – The increase in fuel oil (BBM) prices on September 3 is not the end Single effect, but also likely to trigger price increases for other things, ranging from materials Foods like chili, eggs, chicken and beef and even public transport fares.

As revealed by Ateng Aryono, Secretary General of the Land Transport Organization (Organda), Organda is even sure to increase soon according to the increase in public transport fares fuel

If the fuel is increased, there are two choices: we ourselves or we absorb it Read aloud So we must choose Read aloud After all, this means that a market mechanism will occur that will increase transport fares in the future, Ateng said when contacted by Kompas.com on Sunday (4/9/2022).

For this reason, it is the right time for the community to look for alternative solutions, using one of them Choose a vehicle other than using a motorized vehicle. Cycling can be an option The right vehicle.

In addition to preventive measures related to rising fuel prices, cycling is also good for physical activity to maintain health, especially to stay fit for activities during a pandemic. Use bicycle for daily commuting like work, campus, school, market and Others, believed to reduce people’s dependence on fossil fuel vehicles, One of them is fuel.

Sport gel, a perfect supplement for cycling

PT President Director Dr. Bintang Toedjoe Fanny Kurniawati advises people to cycle. “When fuel is expensive, bicycles can be an option to carry activities or activities to the office or elsewhere. Let’s grow the bike to work movement,” he said.

By switching to cycling when fuel prices rise, the burden on communities is reduced and cycling is an alternative form of transport.

In addition to being an alternative when fuel prices rise, cycling also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon gas emissions from burning motor vehicles.

“So, I think this bicycle culture is a healthy culture. Now it is the demand of all of us,” he said.

For smooth cycling activities, you definitely need a fitter and stronger body. Along with eating nutritious foods and getting enough rest, you can take supplements like sport gels.

Sport Gel is a supplement that combines solid and liquid nutrients that can be a concentrated source of energy. In other words, Sport Gel will replace the energy lost during physical activity, especially when you walk, run and cycle.

Sport gel, the companion of sports lovers

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Andhika Raspati, SPKO, says that when you exercise, a person is like a car engine, where sport gel is the fuel.

“The car will break down when it runs out of gas. So we need to fill so that our body performance is good. “Sport Gel contains carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the body for energy,” says Dr. Andhika.

Sport gel adv 2 September
Sports gel.

For all you sports lovers and cyclists, let’s provide sport gels near you! Sport Gel is a supplement that combines solid and liquid nutrients that can be a concentrated source of energy.

In other words, this sport gel will replace the energy lost during physical activity and replenish the glycogen and calories burned after sports activities.

You can get these benefits because Sport Gel contains L-carnitine, maltodextrin, dextrose and B vitamins. Additionally, Sport Gel is a combination that is properly absorbed by the body and easily converted into energy as a calorie substitute. Exercise time is lost.

This sport gel by Bintang Tweedjo contains 50 ml with packaging one dimension And tube Which is easy and practical to carry while running, riding or other sports.

As important information, sport gel is also a brand The first native of Indonesia to be named the game From BPOM.

Eits, there is another advantage, you know, which is very affordable, only Rp. 5000 per unit cost! Double benefits: stamina is maintained and the wallet is safe and secure!

Come on, change lifestyle By walking and cycling, the body is healthy with Sport Gel!

Go Sport Go Extra Level!

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