Free HTM! These are the amenities at Madiredo Lake, Malang, a perfect weekend getaway tour.

About Malang, 16 September 2022 – Madiredo Lake Malang is an unobstructed natural attraction in Malang. Nevertheless, the facilities at Telaga Madiredo Malang are quite complete.

So, what are the amenities at Telaga Madiredo Malang?

Natural pools, stalls, toilets and parking lots are some of the facilities available at Telaga Madiredo Malang.

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Madiredo Lake Malang is the perfect place to unwind while enjoying the freshness of the lake water and the view of the mountains behind it.

The depth of Madiredo Lake in Malang reaches one meter with clear water. You can swim or soak there.

For those of you who just want to take pictures, Telaga Madiredo Malang has many interesting photo spots, one of which is a bamboo gathering located by the lake.

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This bamboo gathering is often used by visitors to take pictures or sit on the edge with their feet dipped to enjoy the freshness of Madiredo Lake.

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