Dr. Wahiu Widjanarko SPJP, cardiologist who enjoys cycling

Jombang – Dr Wahiu Widjanarko SPJP is a heart and vascular specialist at Jombang Hospital. This senior doctor who has been working for over 20 years is known to be smart and young. He also enjoys cycling which he says helps him maintain his health.

Dr. Wahyu was born in Surabaya, April 5, 1964. This is really the hobby of riding. He even often cycles to work at Jambang Hospital. According to him, there are many ways to maintain health, one of which is cycling. “Yeah, I really like working on the bike,” he said Jawa Pos Radar Jombang, yesterday (10/9). For him cycling is not only healthy but also relieves fatigue due to busy work.

While Dr. Wahiu lives his passion for cycling.

As a senior doctor at RSUD Jombang, Dr Wahiu has many responsibilities and roles. Cardiovascular specialist, his commitment to the development of RSUD Jombang in his field is further strengthened. Provide excellent and friendly service to all patients.

“Since 2019 we have implemented non-surgical heart treatment systems or access through blood vessels, so that it can reduce pain,” explained the couple Sopardi Martovisastro (deceased) and Roniah Beno (deceased), the 4th child out of six children.

According to Dr Wahiu, heart disease patients at Zombang Hospital who suffer trauma during surgery need not fear seeking treatment. Because it can be minimized by action through blood vessels.

This non-surgical service also applies to various types of heart treatment, such as coronary heart care, ring marketing, pacemaker installation and collection of fluid in the heart bag. “We have been independent in executing this move since 2019,” added the father of three.

Dr. Wahyu began his primary to high school education in Surabaya. He then continued his medical education at Airlanga University Faculty of Medicine graduating in 1990. He then took the CPNS exam and got accepted. “Then I participated in a service program for four years in a remote area, Seram Island, Maluku,” he explained.

After serving, he continued his education as a cardiologist at the University of Airlanga, graduating in 2000. “Thank God I was placed in East Java, and assigned to Jombang Hospital since 2001,” he explained.

During his tenure at Jombang, Dr. Wahyu was trusted to become the Chairman of IDI Jombang from 2006 to 2009. He was also trusted as the Deputy Chair of the Surabaya Branch of the Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialists Association (PARKI) in 2010. “But due to my busy schedule, I want to focus more on patient care at Jombang Hospital,” concludes Mitawati’s husband. (ang/bin/riz)

Reporter: Angie Friedianto

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