Dishub presented the construction of a terminal at the Samarinda Morning Market

Samarinda (Antara) – The Transportation Agency of the City of Samarinda (DISHAB), East Kalimantan, presented to the local mayor the arrangement of the Pasar Pagi area in the riverside area, as well as the plan to construct the Pasar Pagi. Type C terminal.

Samarinda Mayor Andi Haroon was present along with Samarinda Hero City Secretary Mardanus Satyawan, Assistant III Dr. Ali Fitri Noor, Bapedlitbang Chief Anant Fathurraji, Bapenda Head Hermanus Barus, Fire Department Chief Hendra AH. and PUPR office chief Desi Damayanti Karangasan held in the meeting room. , City Hall, Wednesday (14/9).

Head of Samarinda City Transportation Services, Hotmarulitua Manalu, said the construction of the Pagi Bazaar Terminal was aimed at creating a stable and modern infrastructure and creating a safe and comfortable city environment in sustainable harmony.

According to him, the planned terminal will have an Angkot terminal and a speed boat terminal, a concept better known as Transit Oriented Development or TOD.

“It is a development that integrates urban spatial design into people, activities, buildings and public spaces through easy connections by walking or cycling and close to public transport services”.

After listening to the presentation, Andy Haroon said that what was done by the ranks of the Samarinda City Transportation Service was a good idea, so that the Pasar Pagi area will be more beautiful in the future, including welcoming the plan to build a Type C. Pasar Pagir Terminal.

However, Andi Harun advised the Samarinda Department of Transportation to further refine the existing concepts, such as making prayer rooms and other public facilities look better. (ad)

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