Combination of Pupuk Kaltim and Borneo FC to advance football from East Kalimantan for Indonesia and the world

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – After passing 2021 with a good increase in the company’s growth rate, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim/PKT) continues to strengthen its position as the best company in the fertilizer and petrochemical industry.

However, CCP does not only focus on industrial activities.

Through various activities, CCP seeks to contribute to social and community life in Indonesia in general and of course in East Kalimantan province in particular.

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As a company headquartered in Bantang, East Kalimantan, PKT has a passion to advance various industries, activities and local community activities in Nusantara and even on the world stage.

One of them is to contribute to advance the East Kalimantan football industry so that it is more successful and known at the national and even international level.

To make this happen, PKT officially cooperates as one of the sponsors of the Borneo FC football team in the BRI Liga 1 2022/2023 competition.

Borneo FC is a football team based in the city of Samarinda in East Kalimantan.

Geographical and cultural proximity is one of the reasons for coordination between the two sides.

“Football is a game that is very popular in all circles. Furthermore, football is also a very competitive game and has a sporting spirit. Pupuk is like Kaltim, which currently aims to be the biggest and greatest petrochemical company. Not only nationally, but also internationally. So we think Pupuk It is very appropriate if Kaltim can coordinate with Borneo FC through this very positive activity. Moreover, Pupuk Kaltim is located in East Kalimantan and the name Borneo FC is very representative. People of East Kalimantan. It is our collective obligation to promote football, especially in East Kalimantan. ” said PKT President Director, Rahmad Pribadi.

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Furthermore, Rahmad Pribdi said that many joint activities and activities will be carried out by PKT and Borneo FC to achieve the goal of advancing football in the future.

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