CODIM 0736/Batang Friendly Football Match against Batang Regency Govt

Batang, – 0736/Batang In order to enhance coordination and closeness of Kodim, they organized a friendly football match with the Batang Regency Government at Moh. Sarengat Thursday (15/09/2022).

In the friendly match, Kodim 0736/Batang team was directly led by Lt Col Inf Ahmad Alam Budiman Dandim 0736/Batang.

Kodim 0736/Batang’s friendly football match against Batang Regency Government was quite fierce, and ended with a score of 1-2 which was won by a team from Batang Regency Government.

“In this match, what we are looking for is not victory or defeat, but for more coordination among agencies in the Batang Regency area”. Lieutenant Colonel Information Ahmed Alam Buriman said this after the match.
“This activity is one of the ways to maintain relationships between agencies, so in addition to exercise, we stay in touch,” adds Dandim.
This activity is very positive and we must schedule it so that it can be carried out regularly so that there is coordination and coordination.
The result of the match is not the ultimate goal, what is clear is maintaining health and fitness through friendship and sportsmanship, “Dandim concluded”.

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