Chinese Residents Goes Keen, Awesome Priced Bikes Are Selling Well: OKZone News

Beijing bicycle Increasingly popular since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Riding a bicycle or riding a bicycle is one of the indoor fun activities that are more due to social restrictions.

Zhou Changchang felt the same way, who liked to spend his free time on the streets of the capital Beijing with his fellow bicycle club members.

According to Antara, the 42-year-old, who works as a teacher, rides a Tiffany Blue bicycle made by British company Brompton. Zhou is one of many riders in China who prefer Brompton, Giant and Specialized premium bikes.

Consultant Research and Markets estimates that the premium bicycle market will reach USD 16.5 billion (Rp 245.26 trillion) in 2026.

Social media and e-commerce platforms say that interest in cycling has grown over the past year and sales of bicycles have also increased

Pegoways in China will spend 13,000 yuan (Rp27.92 million) to get a folding bike (city bike) from a famous brand like Brompton.

Road bikes, which are usually used for long distances on smooth asphalt roads, are priced from 10,000 yuan (Rs 21.45 million).

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Media reported in August that a luxury Herm├Ęs-brand bicycle was selling for 165,000 yuan (Rp353.98 million).

“Most riders are willing to splurge,” the online sales trading platform said last month.

The platform said sales of racing bikes on its platform rose more than 100 percent from June to August compared to the same period last year, while sales of cycling apparel rose 160 percent.

China has long been known as the country of cyclists and was once called the “Bicycle Kingdom”.

For decades, locally made bicycles like the Flying Pigeon have filled the streets of China.

When the middle class moved to the car, cycling was considered oppressive.

However, bicycle manufacturers experienced their glory days again in 2014 when bike-sharing companies like Mobike and Ofo rolled out their fleets and offered services for as little as 1 yuan.

Zhu, like many other riders, says he cycles to keep himself in shape. Due to Covid-19 and lockdown, interest in road cycling has also increased.

“I really miss open spaces and fresh air,” said Shanghai office worker Lily Lu, who ordered a Brompton bike for 13,600 yuan (Rp 29.19 million) the day she was released from the three-month lockdown.

As demand increases, producers struggle to meet demand. Lu said he had to wait two months to receive the bike he ordered.

Local company Pardus, a maker of racing bicycles that can cost as much as 30,000 yuan (Rp. 64.39 million), said sales had doubled from last year and the factory was operating steadily.

“Everything is finished,” said Li Weihai, Pardus brand director.

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