Campaign for “Wes Waye Jember Langit Biru” Jember Regent Invites Citizens to Live Healthy – Jember Facts

Zember – The spirit of keeping life healthy is the will of Jember, the Regent of Eyre. H. Hendy Siswanto, ST., IPU. Hendi continued health is the greatest blessing given by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. This is consistent with the efforts made, one of which is the regular practice that is done every Friday morning along Jalan Sudarman.

Also, today Friday (16/9) Regent organized a 7.5 km ride with thousands of workers, employees and residents of Jember. The cycling event was also a socialization of “Wes Wahe Jember, Blue Sky with Cycling”.

Jember Regent H. Hendy Siswanto, appealed to all Jemba Regency government agencies to really take care of existing resources, including turning off electricity and air conditioning after work. It is an effort to save energy according to the regulations of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The participants of Ride with Regent were very enthusiastic and welcomed the activity. The Regent expressed gratitude for the community presence and for all parties who came to the Square. Not only this, but with community enthusiasm, it has a positive impact on the behavior of MSME stalls.

“This is something special for saving energy. We pack it attractively. Of course, we also made a Regent’s rule every Tuesday for cycling in the office. However, you have to remember to be able to manage your own power,” he concluded.

Elsewhere, Agus, a resident who traveled with the regent, said the activity was very effective, apart from the goal of a healthy life, as an effort to save energy in government agencies. Agus also hopes that the ranks under the regent can translate the will of the number one person in Jember by carrying out this activity as recommended, so that the residents can enjoy the benefits of this ride with tangible results and what is important for him is that this activity can be carried out continuously.

“Wow, it’s amazing, Jember H. Hendy’s regents are able to package the energy saving problem with positive activity, while being efficient, healthy as well,” he said. (Factazember – Cominfo)

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