British amateur football clubs were tested for playing football after the death of Queen Elizabeth II Two amateur football clubs in England have been branded hate clubs because they continued to play football after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Amateur football teams Sheffield International FC and Byron House FC are facing punishment for playing on the weekend following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

All levels of English football, from the Premier League to the Sunday League, were suspended following the death of the Queen of England last week.

England are entering a period of mourning, but football can now resume.

The decision to postpone last weekend’s games was met with a lot of criticism, particularly as more traditional middleweight sports such as rugby, cricket and golf were allowed to resume as usual.

With many feeling that the game should continue so football fans can do so, paying tribute to the late Queen.

But the decisions by Sheffield International FC and Byron House FC to play despite the Queen’s death has been branded ‘disrespectful’ and ‘disgusting’ by the Sheffield and District Fair Play League.

They promised a full investigation into the matter and said the group would be dealt with.

“Queen Elizabeth II has ruled, served and led with integrity and humility for more than seven decades,” added league chairman Danny Taylor.

“It is a pity that these two groups could not respect it even for one Saturday despite our clear instructions”.

“We may or may not agree with the blanket cancellation of football, but it was decided as a mark of respect and should therefore be adhered to.”

His comments followed a series of tweets from Sheffield International FC, who posted on Friday that their postponed match would be played as a friendly before saying someone had ‘misled us so now even the friendly has been cancelled’.

Sheffield International FC confirmed they would turn it into a training session, adding: “If it’s canceled we’ll have a rugby match because it’s considered quite respectable.”

But later, the club tweeted a picture on Saturday morning with the caption: ‘Billies is hilarious. Everyone turned up with their match kit.”

Another tweet followed, showing a picture of Sheffield International FC shaking hands with their opponents, with the club adding: ‘Oh wow! Byron’s home has arrived! Glad to see them here!” he tweeted.

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