Biscuit honors Indonesia’s unsung football heroes in an inspirational film

The Leo Burnett Indonesia campaign marks the return of the Biscuit Academy, a long-running sports marketing programme.

Mondelez Biskuat, Indonesia’s iconic biscuit, has launched a new campaign created by Leo Barnett Indonesia. The campaign marks the return of Bisquat Academy, a long-term sports marketing program aligned with the mission of instilling true inner strength in children by instilling the right values.

“Biskuat is a brand that has a special place among Indonesian households The Biscuit Academy platform was launched in 2009 as part of our ongoing efforts to serve our community. The Academy helped revitalize our mission to help Indonesian children unleash their inner power. Football has been closely associated with the brand for more than 20 years of its existence because of its mass appeal, but today we recognize that there is limited support behind local champions and their supporters and we want to highlight that during this campaign,” said Nikhil Rao, Deputy President. Marketing, Mondelez SEA.

“The Biscuit Academy has always attracted a large number of aspiring footballers and helps provide real opportunities for children through the mentoring and coaching that the brand can facilitate. To support this edition of Bisquat Academy, we want to help create awareness about the yet to be announced soccer champion. who spend their lives helping children achieve their dreams,” said Than Vu, Director of Energy and Wellbeing, Mondelez C.

Football fever is on the rise worldwide, and Biscuit Academy has to beat it. Leo Barnett decided to highlight the relatively unknown coach Pang Aji, founder of Football Club Bersegawa, who has coached thousands of children with great success since 1987. He was inspired by excited children playing with plastic balls and committed to helping underprivileged children get training. Despite limited financial resources, Club Bersegawa provides free training for all children and currently has 6 branches in Jakarta.

“Through Bang Aji’s story, we want to convey the message that true talent can take you wherever you are. People’s coaches and clinics have provided tremendous support for Indonesian football and we want our fans and customers to support them in the future. In their own ways, it is time to honor the true heroes of Indonesian football who, despite their limitations, have supported the growth of talent,” said Ravi Shankar, Center Director, Leo Burnett Indonesia.

The film is directed by Raje Singh and Zafran S., shot in Jakarta and Yogyakarta and produced by Malaysian director Think Tank.

Biscuit Academy is the fourth year of cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Sports and Education (since 2019), the academy has increased the number of participants year after year, with over 25,000 participants last year and expecting more this year. Bisquat has increased the number of training classes to accommodate increased participation.

The campaign launched in September and will be supported through multiple initiatives across various platforms and social events over the next two months.

Bisquat Academy is now open for registration and is looking for the next generation of footballers.

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Client: Mondelez C and Indonesia

Vice President of Marketing: Nikhil Rao

SEA Fuel, Luxury & Biscuit Business Manager: Thanh Phu

Head of Marketing Indonesia: Magic Effendi

Product Manager: Hans Daniel Lau

Biskuat Indonesia Brand Manager: Andika Lestari

Advertising Agencies: Leo Burnett Indonesia

Executive Director: Sony Nishani

CCO: Ravi Shankar

First CD: Oliver Sarmiento

Regional Business Manager: Manideepa Nandi

creator: Asha Zenada

Account Manager: Diane Barnard

Senior Account Manager: Salma Shehab

Agency Producer: Bodiarto Lamput

Night: Mary Gultum

Deputy Director of Social Media: Timothy Laxman

Social Media Admin: Rosie’s son

Area of ​​Production: Think Tank Director

Executive Producer: Heng Tik Nam, Sham Sham

Director: Rajai Singh and Zafran S.

First AD Bona Ventura and Dimas Poetei

HUBCAP: Aref Puntang

Editor: Boyd C

Producer: Audrey Phryne Iswanderi

Content row: Noodles

Production Assistant: Fanny and Isha

Art Director: Ari Pema Taiga

MUA: have a knife

Clothing: rare

Other Products: Vinny

Color: Ben Conkey

Online Editor: akira

Music: Music Black Cat White Cat (Japan)

executive music. Producer: Timo

Music Director: Eric Reeve (Berlin)

Media Partners: Spark Foundry, Publicis Group Indonesia

Media Business Manager: Navi Suhartini

Media Investment Executive: Andreas Ardi

Associate Digital Media Planning Manager: Anastasia Amanda

Media Planning Officer: This is Bilkis

Digital Media Managers Association: Gaurav Tandon

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