Batupang Gymnasium is starting ‘Tosilak’, the football event will roll out, Solok – It was neglected for a long time even though it was filled with bushes due to epidemics. Finally the Batu Batupang Sports Arena Stadium, which has become the pride of the people of Solok Regency, has been restored. Even the stadium, which was empty for 2-3 years, had absolutely no activity.

Upon receiving information with such conditions, Solok Epiardi Asdar Regent immediately assigned his staff to fix the sports facilities. In fact, it is planned that there will be various events this year, so that there will be activities again at GOR locations.

Solok Regency General Manager Indra Muchsis said his team has already done some cleaning and repairs on the football field.

“We have been doing some cleaning for the past few days. Yesterday we lowered a heavy equipment (compactor) to level the ball field weighing 1.5 tons. However, because it was not enough and the results were not good, we reduced the heavy equipment to 10 tons. This is to improve the soil in the field which is no longer flat,” said Indra Muchsis,, Friday (16/9/2022).

He explained, tomorrow Monday (9/19/2022) his team will repair or stock up the fields considered uneven, so that the field of people’s pride in Solok Regency looks beautiful and charming again, so that it can be used. Again exercised by the community.

Meanwhile, other cleaning such as painting will also be carried out.
However, the 2022 Budget Amendment (APBD) will include repairs that are considered quite large, such as toilets and others.

“For stands and toilets, we are working on this budget change. Yet, we will still flow the water. We note that this field may be used again soon. Further, in October, there will be information that an event will be held,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wardesco Pono, a staff member of the Field Technical Committee of Solok Regency Football, said the reuse of the Batupang GOR is a step to encourage sports in the community. Whereas according to him, there is absolutely no activity of GOR for about 2-3 years.

“Thank God, the Regent responded quickly to the current situation of the GOR. As we know, all activities were limited during the pandemic. With the reactivation and repair of this GOR field, surely the community can use it again, especially for soccer,” Wardesco said.

He also said that currently Regent Epiardi Asda is planning to hold a football event.

“The Regent has planned to organize a football event or the Regent Cup which will include the existing sub-district level footballers. This is the first step to re-invigorate the sporting spirit in the community in practice,” he explained.

The event will be held this year (2022), Wardsko explained. The activity will also involve teams and football leaders in Solok Regency, where almost every citizen has started different events or football leagues after the pandemic. “It means that people really love sports, especially soccer,” Wardsko concludes.

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