Basketball Permainan one hand shooting when knee and hip movement – One of the important things to pay attention to when shooting a one-handed basketball is knee and hip movement.

Basketball is a type of big ball game played by two opposing teams or teams.

In a basketball game, each team has five players on the court.

Basketball is a game based on numbers or points. That is, the winner of the basketball game is the team that is able to score the most points in the allotted time.

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The way to score points or numbers in the game of basketball is to put the ball into the opponent’s hoop or basket.

Points are scored by shooting the ball or known as shooting.

As reported from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the definition of shooting in basketball is to release or shoot the ball into the opponent’s basket to score points.

Shooting is a single movement that involves several factors, such as eye sight, balance, hand position, elbow settings and shot rhythm.

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Can be shot with one hand or two hands.

In this article, we will specifically discuss one-handed shooting techniques in basketball.

How to shoot one-handed

Factors to consider when shooting with one hand in basketball are knee and hip movements.

Knee and hip movements occur during one-handed basketball shooting.

For more details, here is the sequence of one-handed shooting movements in a basketball game.

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1. Focus your eyes on the goal (basket/basketball ring).

2. When shooting with one hand, try to keep the body relaxed and then spread your legs, back and shoulders.

3. Make the shot by throwing your arms up, then flexing your fingers forward.

4. Knee and hip movements are increased when shooting with one hand in basketball.

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