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5 According to experts, the definition of basketball is interesting. Because basketball is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia and the world.

Basketball is a sport that is very popular nowadays, especially among teenagers. Also, basketball has received quite a lot of attention from the world audience.

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In Indonesia, basketball was introduced by immigrants from China. Initially, the sport only developed in a few major cities such as Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Semarang. In 1948, basketball singles were contested in PON I.

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Basketball itself is a game that is constantly evolving as technology advances. More advanced, the rules of basketball have undergone increasingly complex changes.

Let’s look at an explanation of the meaning of basketball together. There are several experts who explain this interpretation.

Here are 5 definitions of basketball according to experts

5. Danny Kosasih

5 definitions of basketball according to experts

Danny Kosasih explains one meaning of basketball. According to him, basketball is a game where speed (feet and hands) is used at the right time.

Regular practice is required to increase the speed of legs and arms at the right time. Players need to exercise individual skills, passion, physicality and team balance in both defensive and offensive positions.

4. Weasel Hall

5 definitions of basketball according to experts

Then, there’s also basketball’s version of Whistle Hull. Basketball matches are played with two teams each starting with five players.

The goal of basketball is to score goals by putting the ball in the basket and preventing the other team from doing the same. To become a skilled basketball player, it is very important to master lay-ups, hook shots, jump shots and quick release set shots.

3. Imam Sodikun Rah

5 definitions of basketball according to experts

Meanwhile, according to Imam Sodikun, basketball is a game that uses a large ball that is played with the hands. The ball can be passed (thrown to a friend) and bounced on the floor (in place or while running).

The object of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s basket (basket). This game is played by two teams, each team consists of 5 players.

Each team tries to put the ball into the opponent’s basket. They have to look after their own basket to get as little as possible.

2. Dedi Sumiarsono

5 definitions of basketball according to experts

Then, according to Dedi Sumiersono, basketball is a type of game that uses a large ball, is played with the hands, and aims to get as many balls as possible (into the opponent’s basket).

Players in this game also have to try to prevent their opponents from putting the ball in their own basket. This can be done in different ways by dribbling, shooting and passing.

1. Pervasi

5 definitions of basketball according to experts

Finally, the concept of basketball was also explained by the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi). According to Indonesian basketball guardians, the definition of basketball is a game that can be patted, palmed, caught and thrown to dribble in all directions during the playing field.

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