5 Best Paid Soccer Referees in the World, No. 1 Career in English League: Okejon Bola

The 5 best paid football referees in the world will be discussed by Okezone. In football a match cannot be played without the leadership of the main referee and three other assistants.

The referee acted as the judge in the match. The referee’s job is certainly not easy. Therefore, the referee received a handsome fee. Here are the five highest paid football referees in the world:

So, who are the highest paid football referees in the world? To find out, check out the following okezone reviews.

5. Felix Brych

5 Best Paid Soccer Referees in the World

(Felix Brych leading the match, photo:)

Felix Breich is a German referee currently working for SV am Hart. The 47-year-old referee is registered by FIFA in the UEFA elite category.

In each match, this one referee USD 10,000 or Rp. Earned the equivalent of 149 million. In 2018, he was selected to officiate in a World Cup match in Russia which was his second World Cup.

4. Bjorn Kuipers

5 Best Paid Soccer Referees in the World

(Bjorn Kuipers leading the match, photo:)

Bjorn Kuipers is a former Dutch football referee registered as a FIFA referee since 2006 and a UEFA Elite Group referee since 2009. The 49-year-old referee served alongside compatriots Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra.

He has captained two World Cups and three European Cup tournaments which were announced on 29 July 2021. He is said to retire on 7 August 2021. In each match he earns around 10,000 USD or Rp. 149 million equivalent earnings.

3. Cuneyt Cakir

5 Best Paid Soccer Referees in the World

(Kunit Kakir leading the match, photo: MARCA)

Cuneyt Cakir is a Turkish football referee. He has been registered with FIFA since 2006 and a UEFA Elite member since 2010. As a UEFA Elite member, he earns the equivalent of USD10,000 or Rp149 million per match.

Due to his satisfactory performances from 2010 to 2020, he was voted the second best referee in the world by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. The 45-year-old referee has officiated over 250 matches.

2. Damir Skomina

5 Best Paid Soccer Referees in the World

(Damir Skomina ahead of the match, photo: Reuters)

Damir Skomina is a former UEFA Elite Division football referee from Slovenia. His base salary is USD 10,000 or equivalent to IDR 149 million per game. In the 2019–2020 season, he officiated the iconic Champions League quarter-final match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

1. Mark Clattenburg

5 Best Paid Soccer Referees in the World

(Acting Mark Clattenburg, Picture: Premier League)

Mark Clattenburg is a former Premier League referee. He has refereed several important matches including the 2015–16 Champions League Final and the 2016 European Cup Final.

This British referee is considered one of the best European referees of his generation. According to some reports, he was worth $650,000 when he moved to Saudi Arabia in 2017. However, he has now retired.

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