Zippoor organized 5/ABW Battalion BMC Football Tournament

Inauguration of BMC Football Tournament.

Malang, – 5th Combat Engineer Battalion/Arti Via Wighina organized a soccer tournament to commemorate the 77th anniversary of TNI and the 77th anniversary of Combat Engineer Battalion. The tournament is planned to be held for one month followed by 33 football clubs in and around Malang Raya.

“The participants came not only from Malang Raya, but also from Pasuruan and Surabaya,” said Major CZI Arif Rochman Hakim, Jaipur 5/ABW Battalion Commander, Thursday (15/9/2022).

Fort Manungal Club 2022 was officially opened by Battalion Commander Zipur 5/ ABW, marked by handing over the trophy to last year’s champion Battalion Commander.

“This activity is planned, especially since Malang is synonymous with football, of course it is very appropriate,” said Arif.

The battalion commander said the tournament could be an opportunity for the younger generation to promote their talent and interest in positive things, especially in the field of sports.

“Our hope is that we can produce new seeds that can later represent districts at the national level or even higher,” said Arif.

Malang Deputy Regent Didik Gatot Subroto expressed his support as such tournaments could potentially seed the world of football. “This activity is one of the efforts to find or at least capture the seeds of top football players,” said Didik

33 football clubs participated in the 2022 BMC tournament including Donomulyo FC, Pindad FC, Ujwala FC, Tantra FC, Alap Alap FC, Mahameru FC, Kreator FC, Gajah Baru FC.

The opening ceremony was attended by Malong’s Deputy Regent Didik Gatot Subroto, Kasdim 0818 Major Inf Aditya Lian Mahardikha, Head of Kepangen Ichwanul Muslimin, Kapolesek Kepangen Compol Sri Vidyaningsih and several company commanders. (baby/ari)

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