You must use 5 teams while playing NBA 2K23!

Last week, this basketball fan favorite game was officially released. 2K Sports is finally released NBA 2K23 As well as the latest version of the NBA basketball competition simulation game.

As the best basketball competition in the world, the NBA certainly has the best basketball teams and players. This sometimes makes you confused as to which team you should use while playing NBA 2K23.

Don’t worry, because in this article KINCIR will provide tips that you should use while playing NBA 2K23. Curious? See the following KINCIR article.

You must use the team when playing NBA 2K23!

1. Boston Celtics

When playing NBA 2K23 you must use Jayson Tatum who plays for the Boston Celtics. through


The Boston Celtics almost made it as NBA champions last season. Unfortunately, Jayson Tatum and his friends lost to the Golden State Warriors in the final round. The Boston Celtics can still retain their star players this season.

Jayson Tatum (93 rating) and Jaylen Brown (87 rating) is still the mainstay of this Boston-based team. One advantage of this team is that the players have tremendous defensive ability.

Not only good at scoring, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are players who are good at defending as well. They also have several players who are defensive specialists. For example Marcus Smart (93 Perimeter defense) for the post Backcourtand Robert Williams (89 internal defense) for the post Court in front.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of KINCIR's recommended teams in NBA 2K23.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of KINCIR’s recommended teams in NBA 2K23. through


Talking to the staff about the team Court in front The strongest, we cannot ignore the Minnesota Timberwolves. Karl-Anthony Towns (89 rating) which is their star player.

Rudy Gobert is a monster ready to defend Court in front Your team. It has 97 ratings internal defenseAnd also for 95 Protective continuity. Plus 98 Defensive reboundsGobert can be your mainstay in terms of survival in this game.

The offensive power of this team is not less strong. D’Angelo Russell (87 Passing accuracy) will then play Karl-Anthony Towns Four stretchesIts high value is 3pts (86 Three-point shot) Meanwhile, the exciting young player, Anthony Edwards is set to be the mainstay of breaking through the enemy defense with 93. layup and 95 Driving dunk.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

The youth players of the Cleveland Cavaliers will have a lot of fun using NBA 2K23.

The youth players of the Cleveland Cavaliers will have a lot of fun using NBA 2K23. through


The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a lot going for them as the surprise team of last season upgrade For this year’s edition. Plus, with mostly young players, this team is too fun for you to use the MyNBA feature.

They were able to sign Donovan Mitchell (88). rating) from the Utah Jazz, who will be your mainstay on this team. Meanwhile, their two main young players last season were Darius Garland (87.) rating) and Evan Mobley (84 ratingA solid foundation for you to use in MyNBA features.

4. Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic is the mainstay of the Dallas Mavericks.

Luka Doncic is the mainstay of the Dallas Mavericks. through


Want more challenges while playing NBA 2K23? You need to use teams Dallas Mavericks. This team is one of the most interesting teams for you to use the MyNBA feature. presence superstar Slovenian Luka Doncic (95.) rating) because

But there is only one Luka Doncic in this team. There is no other player with the same quality as Doncic. Challenges you must face while playing MyNBA using this team.

You need to build a team around Luka Doncic so you don’t rely too much on this one player and be able to repeat the glory this team had in the early 2000s when Dirk Nowitzki powered it. speech about “Luka Doncic and InshaAllah“Echoed by the Dallas Mavericks, you have to be able to break it.

5. Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine will be your main player when using the Chicago Bulls.

Zach LaVine will be your main player when using the Chicago Bulls. through


Aside from the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, the Chicago Bulls are one of the most iconic teams in NBA history. Michael Jordan, who played for this team in the 1990s, was the team that caught everyone’s attention.

Unfortunately after Michael Jordan retired, this team is still struggling to repeat their glory. That’s why you can use this team to bring you back to its former glory. Moreover, they already have a very strong player base.

Duet Jacques Lavin (88 rating) and DeMar DeRozan (89 rating) which is explosive, will be your main base when attacking. Meanwhile, for survival, you can count on Lonzo Ball (86 Perimeter defense) and Alex Caruso (89 Perimeter defense) which has extraordinary protective powers.


These are some of the teams that you must try NBA 2K23 which has just been released. Be sure to visit KINCIR for the latest information and tips about the game!

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