What is a turnover in basketball?

KOMPAS.comturnover A term often found in basketball games. What is meant by so turnover?

Basketball is a type of big ball game played by two opposing teams or teams.

Each team has five basketball players on the court.

Basketball is a game based on points or numbers. That is, the team that wins the match is the team that is able to score more points.

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The way to score points in the game of basketball is to put the ball into the opponent’s hoop or basket.

The game of basketball also has different positions, one of which is turnover.

what is that turnover?

turnover One of the statistical terms in the game of basketball.

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Besides turnoverSome other basketball stats are terms rebound, helps, theftAnd Blocked shots.

Report from the Junior NBA page, Understanding turnover A mistake made by a player of the attacking team in which his team loses control of the ball before taking a shot, resulting in the ball being transferred to the defending team.

KOMPAS.com/Adil Nursalam Foreign basketball player Satria Muda Brachon Griffin (white) tries to get past Pelita Jaya basketball player Dekardo Wanya Day during the second final game of IBL 2022, Sunday (28/8/2022) at Gor C-Tra Arena Bandung.

Causes players to do what they do turnover?

in the basketball game, turnover Including frequent mistakes by attacking team players.

There are many actions or actions that a player performs turnoveras follows.

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  • stolen ball (theft) by opposing players
  • Making a bad pass to a teammate
  • Throwing the ball out of the field
  • to do Double dribble
  • to do Backcourt violation
  • Offense 3s

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