Want to try mountain biking? Here are tips for beginners trying downhill bikes!

Illustration of mountain or downhill cycling.


Illustration of mountain or downhill cycling.

WIKEN.ID – Mountain biking or commonly called downhill is a challenging activity.

The reason is, downhill terrain is not arbitrary, and requires competent skills.

Cyclists have to go down hills or hills at high speed which requires full concentration.

Here are tips and tricks for those starting downhill biking from athlete Bima Fikri Aldira.

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1. Bike size

reported from Compass.com, according to Bima, every downhill bike has a size that adjusts to height. Sizes are small, medium and large.

“There, we can see what size we are.”

Because we can’t use a medium size bike if we have a small body,” said Bima.

“Size is small with a maximum height of 170 cm, medium with a height of 170-180 cm, large above 180 cm.”

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2. Rem

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