Sukabumi District Football Team won 1

TatarSukabumi.ID – The trial match between Persib U-20 vs Persikbumi team which took place on Wednesday (14/9) at Korpri Stadium, Sisat, ended 1-0 to the host team, Sukabumi Regency.

Persikabumi is a team of the Regency Association (Askab) of the All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) in Sukabumi Regency.

Chairman of Sukabumi Regency Kony, Sirozudin, said he is proud of the success of the Sukabumi Regency football team that will compete in the upcoming League 3 season.

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However, to TatarSukabumi.ID, Sirozudin said that he was a bit disappointed that KONI was not informed of yesterday’s test match.

“Alhamdulillah, good to hear that Persikabumi won. I am proud of the success of the Persikabumi team, which I heard beat Persib 1-0 in the final round via penalty kicks.

“Hopefully the football athletes can achieve more and be more successful in the future, maybe in the future they can become champions in League 3, enter League 1 from League 2, we are proud,” said Sirozudin, at the Sukabumi Regency Kony office on Thursday ( 15/9).

KONI was not invited to the test match yesterday, although Priya said that Tsukabumi has been nominated for deputy regent, KONI is the father of all sports (sports).

“Actually, in sports activities, everyone knows that KONI is the guardian of sports, so at least it must be notified, if we as a big family should be notified there,” he said.

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Sirozudin lamented that, as a member of KONI, Askab should at least inform them about a friendly before Ligue 3.

“So what will people say, why the sub-district poll PP knows, the sector police knows, but the head of cabar is not informed, later people may think differently, what’s wrong with Kony and Askab, they fear. That, but Askab may have forgotten, ” Sirozudin explained.

Furthermore, according to Sirozudin, no one in Sukabumi Regency received notice of several of Askaber’s activities, let alone received an invitation.

“Let’s be invited alone, suffice it to say, we are guardians of sports. Koni Sukabumi District Askab members, so all the flow, rules, must follow Koni because members, if you don’t want to follow. Rules, don’t be a member,” said Sirojudin. .

Maybe Askab forgot, but the most important thing is that football goes on, let it go,” he continued.

In Connie’s absence, Sirozuddin explained that the matter was the responsibility of the organization’s editor.

“Later there will be notes, maybe not only for Askab, but also for other sports that do not follow the rules of the KONI rules, then it is recorded as a material consideration. Whether it is in terms of discipline or moral behavior, I think it belongs to moral etiquette, ” said Sirozudin.

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PSSI Askab Sukabumi will on Friday announce the 23 Persikabumi squads that will compete in League 3 as well as launch the Persikabumi jerseys at the Korpri Sisat Stadium.

“If we are invited, we have time to come, if it is considered important I will come, if it is not considered important I will not come because there are many things that we really need to do and one of them is to fix, namely Focusing. on the porprov agenda.” he concluded.

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