Should Esports be one of the extra curricula in schools?

Learning is a process that develops over time. Education is not only limited to certain subjects but new things are happening in the world, such as esports. This game-based competitive sport has managed to attract millions of young people around the world, including students in Indonesia. However, there are still many common people such as teachers who are wide-eyed by the high interest in playing games for youngsters today.

Conflicts also arise, especially between the country’s society and education. There are indications that playing games is not a learning process, that games are only intended for entertainment, as opposed to learning, and that games can impair thinking.

Of course, the above statement needs to be straightened out, first the difference between causal gaming and esports. Simply put, the difference between the two habits is motivation and purpose. Because playing games is for fun, so the motivation of players is simply to fill free time or just to relax. But for this is different sport Unlike most games. Esports has a similar position to traditional sports like football, basketball and others. Esports has a career path and has even competed in official sports events such as PON, Sea Games, and Asian Games. Therefore, schools as a place for students to explore their potential need to enable them to facilitate the development of their interests and talents.

The fact that the number of students who want to become sports athletes must receive support from the school. This support can be in the form of esports extracurriculars that are similar to existing extracurriculars, but still focus on the student’s character and the student’s place of residence. And all this requires supervision from all parties, especially teachers and parents so that students are guided to develop their talent and interest in the field of esports. The presence of esports extracurriculars at the educational level can be used as a forum for potential development, as well as a basis for learning about the world of esports, so that students have the right mindset.

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