Persis Solo Silence Bali United 2-0


Persis Solo managed to defeat Liga 1 defending champions Bali United. Lashkar Sambarnyawa won 2-0 thanks to a brace from Ryo Matsumura.

Week 10 of Liga 1 2022/2023 brings together Parsis vs Bali United. The duel takes place at Manhan Stadium, Solo, Thursday (15/9/2022) night WIB.

A penalty was awarded just seven minutes into the game. Shyamsul Arif got into the forbidden box.

Alexis Mecidoro, who came forward as a penalty taker, failed to fully fulfill his duties. The ball was caught by Bali United goalkeeper Nadeo Arga Winata.

The deadlock was broken at exactly 30 minutes. Ryo Matsumura scored from Gavin Cowan’s pass to put his side 1-0 up.

After eight minutes Bali United had to play with 10 players. I Made Andhika Pervera received a second yellow card for a tackle on Ryo Matsumura from behind.

The higher the number of players, the more freely Persis controls the game. Lashkar Sambarniawa 1-0 score lasts till half time.

Just didn’t let up the attack in the second half. In the 20th minute, the ball again found its way into Bali United’s goal.

Ryo Matsumura recorded a brace in this match. The Japanese player shot the ball into Bali United’s penalty box with the help of Abduh Lestaluhu.

No extra goals were scored until the long whistle. The match ended in a 2-0 win.

The win moved Parsis to 13th position in the League 1 standings with 10 points. Meanwhile, Bali United is stuck in the third place with 21 points.

lined up

Parsis Singles: Muhammad Riandi; Abdouh Lestalhu, Fabiano Beltrame, Andri Ebo, Gavin Kwan; Shulton Fajar, Alphath Fathier, Alexis Mesidoro; Ryo Matsumura, Samsul Arif, Irfan Johari.

Bali United: Nadeo Arga Winata; I Parvena, Leonard Tupamahu, Howdy Abdillah, Ricky Fajrin; Brawa Nuri; Now Henrik, Fadil Sausu; Navri Setiawan, Ilija Spasojevic, Jean Marie Emberg.

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