Knowing the position of libero in modern football, is a defunct role

SRIPOKU.COM — The term libero is now more commonly known in volleyball, but the libero position also exists in soccer.

The position of libero in defense was its prime from the 1960s until fading in the 2000s.

For that, below is an explanation of the libero position, Compiles various sources.

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Legend and former Bayern Munich president Franz Beckenbauer.
Legend and former Bayern Munich president Franz Beckenbauer. Franz Beckenbauer was known as a libero in the 1970s. Always glorified in his day, here’s an explanation of the libero’s faded status in modern football (AFP)

In the game of football, the defender or defenders are said to be in charge of stopping or hindering the movement of the opposing team, especially the attacker.

There are different positions for defenders, from different positions, such as center back or center back, right and left defenders (full-backs), and wing backs (wing backs).

Even football knows the position of stopper and libero.

Although both inhabit the defensive line, the stopper and libero have different roles in the game.

Libero position

According to, the Libero position was very popular in the 1960s to 1990s.

The libero position itself was born in Italy, famous for its innovative techniques and tactics.

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