If Cristiano Ronaldo accepts the Saudi club’s offer

MANCHESTER (RIAUPOS.CO) – The reason Cristiano Ronaldo stayed at Manchester United (MU) this season was the failure to get a club participating in the Champions League.

Ronaldo failed to sign SSC Napoli with a series of clubs like Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, Chelsea. Club Early in his career, he also had a move to Sporting CP. Despite participating in the Champions League, Sporting CP is not a club in Europe’s five elite leagues that Ronaldo wants.

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Therefore, it came as no surprise when Ronaldo also turned down an offer from Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal SFC earlier this week (12/9). However, Al-Hilal offered the lure of a lucrative contract and salary.

“The total contract value reached EUR 242 million (Rp 3.6 trillion, the red),” enter brand.

For a contract for nominally two seasons. That is, every season, the Champions League’s all-time top scorer earns 121 million euros (Rp 1.8 trillion).

Ronaldo’s salary at Manchester United quadrupled during this time, to €30 million (Rs 447 billion) per season.

In other words, Ronaldo will receive EUR 10 million (Rp 148.9 billion) per month or EUR 2 million (Rp 37.2 billion) per week.

If Ronaldo’s salary was bought for Pertalite fuel, which costs Rs 10,000 per litre, the owner of CR7 could have 3.72 million liters of Pertalite. The average capacity of a motorcycle is 5 liters, Ronaldo’s salary can be used for 744 thousand motorcycles per week.

“We will be very happy if a player like Cristiano Ronaldo can play in Saudi Arabia. He can bring a lot of positive influence in all aspects,” said Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAF) president Yasser Al-Misehal. ESPN.

“Although it will be a very expensive deal, we can get more revenue,” added Yasir.

Source: Javapos.com

Editor: Edward Yeaman

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