Exercising boosts, these 5 favorite sports for urban communities

Jaktar, investor.id – The results of the 2021 National Sports Development Index (SDI) report by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) stated that only 5.85% of people were classified as very fit, 76% were in the unfit category and 53.63% were in the very unfit category. Although the fit category is still low, after two years of coexisting with Covid-19, the public’s enthusiasm and awareness for exercise has increased in tandem with outdoor activities that are beginning to return to normal.

Along with health, exercise is recreation and a lifestyle closely associated with people in urban areas who generally have fairly high levels of stress. According to The List and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021, Jakarta is one of the Indonesian cities listed as one of the cities with fairly high stress levels in the world, ranking ninth with a score of 41.8 on the scale. 1-100 points. The lower the score, the higher the stress level.

In the spirit of commemorating the National Sports Day celebrated every September 9, PT Asuransi Jiwa Astra (Astra Life) invites the public to view 5 sports (sports) trends that people are interested in today:

1. Badminton

Badminton is a sport that is often loved by people of all ages and is a sport that has made Indonesia famous in the eyes of the world, such as the victory of the Indonesian women’s doubles team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which seemed to be a momentum to bring back the glory of Indonesian badminton after a long absence. and helped boost community enthusiasm to revive badminton as a beloved sport.

Badminton is a sport that requires the players to move with agility, so that all the limbs are active during the game. Badminton has various benefits for physical health, such as increasing fitness and losing weight, strengthening body joint muscles, improving cognitive function of the brain, reducing stress and automatically preventing various diseases.

2. Tennis

Recently, Indonesian tennis athlete, Prisca Madeleine Nugroho, won eight trophies at the World Tennis Championships in Monastir, Tunisia. Not inferior to athletes, several Indonesian celebrities are often seen actively playing tennis, which later became a trend followed by the public. Like badminton, playing tennis has various benefits, such as improving cardiovascular health, improving body balance and reflexes, helping burn calories and fat, and improving bone health.

3. Golf

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, golf has become a community sport of choice for maintaining fitness and immunity because it is played in an open and wide area, allowing a player to maintain a safe distance from other players. Golf is known as a sport that is quite expensive and has become a sport for businessmen and officials, but now it is starting to be demanded by the wider community.

For beginners who want to try golf as a weekend sport of choice, they can try practicing at the driving range or hitting practice where beginners can practice various basic techniques. Golf has many health benefits, such as improving bone health, helping burn calories, maintaining optimal brain function, reducing stress, maintaining eye health, and improving sleep quality.

4. Fitness

Fitness trends aren’t new, but today’s fitness doesn’t just have to be done at the fitness center. There are many movement activities that can be done in fitness sports that can be done at home with easier and simpler equipment in e-commerce. For example, cardio exercises with walking pads, using a stationary bicycle, muscle strengthening exercises with dumbbells, kettlebells and gym balls. Fitness has many benefits such as increasing lean muscle mass, improving posture and making your body weight more ideal.

5. Cycling

Cycling is loved by all ages and all walks of life. Despite the increase in the number of bicycle products with relatively high prices, cycling also became part of a lifestyle and even became one of the favorite activities during the pandemic that continues to grow today and creates many communities.

For those new to cycling, be sure to wear head, elbow and knee protection. Also, it is no less important to wear brightly colored clothing or install bicycle lights so that other motorists can see them while traveling during the day or at night.

Cycling has many benefits such as maintaining heart and blood vessel health, maintaining healthy muscles and joints, maintaining weight, reducing stress levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer. Every sporting activity requires warmth to raise body temperature and prevent injury.

To provide a sense of security while exercising, Astra Life has the original Sports Protection iSport Protection (iSport) which is the first sports insurance in Indonesia that can protect all sports from light sports to aerobics, badminton, golf, tennis. , fitness, running, extreme sports, such as mountain biking, skydiving and scuba diving. And appropriate benefits for sports workers with various risks such as severe dehydration, heat stroke, severe head injury, spinal cord injury, strain, sprain, dislocation that may occur in the body due to exercise activity.

ASLI iSport Protection (iSport) also provides protection benefits for various accidents that may occur while exercising, such as physiotherapy expenses and recovery expenses, fracture compensation, emergency outpatient reimbursement benefits, accidental death benefits, accidental death benefits. Public transport or on public transport. holiday

As per the terms and conditions the recommended premium price for the coverage period for one week is Rp. Starting from 64 thousand Sportspersons can also purchase ASLI iSport protection (iSport) protection online anytime and anywhere through ilovelife.co.id, an e-commerce website service owned by Astra Life.

ASLI iSport Protection (iSport) has participated in various sports events such as, Superbowl Run 2017 and 2018, JCO Run 2018-2019, 2XU Compression Run Indonesia 2016-2019, Garmin Run Indonesia 2019, Herba2019, Herba2019, Marlife2019, Astra Runners 2019, Astra Gowes. Merdeka 2019, Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2019 & 2021, and Cycling De Jabar 2022. “As a life insurance company, we consistently encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle such as by exercising and we are committed. To support the sports community. Through iSport sports protection products, so that people can conduct sports activities in peace and comfort,” said Windy Riswantio, Marketing and Alternative Channel Group Head, Astra Life.

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